Hydrology – Rainfall Runoff


Hydrology – Rainfall Runoff

Rainfall runoff processes are important in understanding and forecasting of floods and droughts. With SOBEK-Rural RR you can simulate rainfall runoff with different catchment hydrology models. During the one day course you will work with SOBEK-Rural RR. Aim of this course is to improve your modelling skills and to get more out of SOBEK-Rural RR version 2.

Course background

Hydrology – Rainfall Runoff is dedicated to SOBEK-Rural RR. This SOBEK module contains a library of
rainfall runoff models from polder subcatchment scale up to river catchment scale (such as Sacramento, HBV and SCS). It can be used for both (flood) event and year-round simulations. You can model an unlimited number of catchment areas in a lumped or detailed manner, using land elevation curves, soil characteristics, land cultivation, drainage characteristics etc. SOBEK-Rural RR contains processes such as surface run-off, crop evaporation, capillary rise, percolation, sub-soil drainage and storage in the saturated and unsaturated zone. You can use separate storm events or long time series, your own rainfall patterns or historical data. SOBEK-Rural RR can be used standalone or in combination with SOBEK-Rural 1DFLOW, SOBEK-River 1DFLOW and/or SOBEK-Rural RTC.


The course is meant for people who already have worked with SOBEK-Rural RR and who want to gain
more insight into the modelling process. The course explains some theoretical background of SOBEK-Rural RR and uses a number of case studies as modelling exercises. Experience of the course participants with the SOBEK-Rural 1DFLOW module is preferred, but not essential.

Aim of the course

The exercises are set up in such a way to stimulate thinking about the water system and how it can be
modelled in SOBEK-Rural RR, rather than explaining in detail which buttons needs to be pressed to change certain input data. The course focusses on how a model is set-up, which rainfall-runoff modelling formulations are available in SOBEK-Rural RR, how certain measures or changes in the system can be implemented in the model, and how results are interpreted.
Also good-modelling practice aspects are discussed, e.g. how to use SOBEK-Rural-RR in combination with SOBEK-Rural 1DFLOW. After following the course, the participants have a better insight in the modelling concepts of SOBEK-Rural RR, and the possibilities and pitfalls of using SOBEK-Rural RR.


The program of Hydrology – Rainfall Runoff (in brief):

  • Presentation: Theory on rainfall runoff modelling;
  • Exercise: Rainfall runoff modelling of polder area;
  • Exercise: Unsaturated zone processes in SOBEK-Rural RR (1);
  • Exercise: Unsaturated zone processes in SOBEK-Rural RR (2);
  • Presentation: Advanced features of SOBEK-Rural RR.


Wednesday September 18, 2013

Course leader

Mr. R.J. (Ruben) Dahm


The registration fee for this one day course, from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs, is € 565,- excluding VAT. 50% discount for lecturers at centres of education. The course fee includes course documentation, lunches and refreshments during the breaks. The fee does not include VAT. International participants from within the European Union are charged 0% VAT only when they provide their organizations VAT number. Participants from outside the European Union are exempt from VAT, hence 0% VAT will be charged. Please use the electronic form on this website for registration.


We provide a certificate of participation.


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