Data analysis for water and environment

HYMOS is the information system for water resources management in general. It covers all data storage and processing requirements for analysis, planning, design and operation of water management systems.
With HYMOS data becomes information. HYMOS is time series oriented with common facilities for spatial data analysis. A wide variety of data processing and analysis features make HYMOS a powerful tool in water related studies, research and consultancy.

Feedback from users all over the world during the 30 years of its existence has allowed Deltares  to develop HYMOS into an efficient, flexible and multi-functional information system.

Data analysis for your organisation

HYMOS is used world-wide in over 30 countries. Users of Hymos include:

  • water resources authorithies on all levels
  • water boards
  • hydro-meteorological services
  • consultancies
  • universities
  • research institutes


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