Marine antifoulant model to predict environmental concentrations

An easy-to-use and freely available model, originally developed to predict environmental concentrations (PECs) for the exposure assessment of antifoulants in harbours, rivers, estuaries and open water. The model is being developed and maintained by Deltares and the Institute for Environmental Studies with continuing support of the European Paintmakers Association (CEPE). MAMPEC is also being used for exposure assessment in freshwater systems and discharges of chemicals in ballast water. MAMPEC features an integrated 2D hydrodynamical and chemical fate model, based on the Delft3D-WAQ and Silthar model. The exposure assessment model is recognized and used by regulatory authorities and applicants in EU, USA and other OECD countries for antifouling substances, and by the IMO for ballast water discharges. 


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