Delft-FEWS Basic Course

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During the basic course the participant will learn how to create the configuration of a Delft-FEWS application.

A basic configuration is available and more functionality will be added during the exercises. For example by importing time series, validating those series and presenting the validated time series in the various Delft-FEWS displays.


Besides a shortened basic course, in which the Delft-FEWS basic configuration will be presented, there is a system admin course. In this course the components of a Delft-FEWS server will be explained. This course is essential for anyone who would like to install and maintain their own Delft-FEWS client-server system.

The Open Archive and PI-services modules are two additional ICT courses for setting up and maintaining these more complex components of a Delft-FEWS server system. The Open Archive is essential for storing data longer than the operational time span and to make the data accessible through the Internet the PI-service provides a convenient way to obtain the data.

This course is aimed at

New Delft-FEWS users who want to start to configure their own Delft-FEWS application.


The registration fee for this course is € 565, – excluding VAT.
50% discount for lecturers at centers of education.


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