Advanced course Horizontal directional drilling using D-Geo Pipeline

The design of the installation of a pipeline using the horizontal directional drilling method is determined by several aspects. Besides the available space at the surface, the soil layers and characteristics of the drilling line and the strength of the pipeline are important parameters. The assessment of the pipe stress during the pipe installation and when the pipeline is in operation is the most important part of the design. But the assessment of the required drilling fluid pressure versus the maximum allowable pressure during the phases of horizontal directional drilling is also an important aspect. The design of a horizontal directional drilling pipeline can be approved when the relevant aspects have been examined and adjusted accordingly. An accurate examination of all design aspects, results in a feasible design of the drilling line with a minimized risk profile.

The course deals with different design aspects and the background theories of horizontal directional drilling. It will focus on design aspects: drilling fluid pressures, borehole stability, pulling force and the pipe stress analysis of the product pipeline. Important factors like soil stress, soil-pipeline interaction and surface subsidence will be treated. The computer code D-Geo Pipeline will be used to examine both these previously mentioned design aspects and how a complete design of a pipeline installation can be made in a short time by horizontal directional drilling. The code D-Geo Pipeline is also useful to check designs in order to allow licenses for drilling under roads, railways, river banks and other infrastructure.

Course issues

  • The background theory of the borehole stability and the soil pressure on the pipeline
  • Theory of the calculation of the pulling force during the pullback operation
  • The background of the theory of the drilling fluid pressure calculations
  • Use of the pipeline software D geo pipeline
  • Assessment of the occurrence of the groundwater flow into the borehole
  • Design of bundled pipelines
  • Design of pipelines in boreholes with a horizontal bending radius.

Design aspects of HDD

  • Schematization of the subsoil
  • Determination of the required parameters (soil-,pipeline- and operation)
  • Correct use of the interaction between soil and pipeline
  • Calculation of the subsidence of the surface above a borehole.

The course is developed for

  • Project managers and design specialists from contractors
  • Project managers and design specialists from engineering agencies
  • Specialists from permit and license issuing agencies
  • Project managers and specialists from cable and pipeline owners.


The registration fee for this course is € 599, – excluding VAT.

50% discount for lecturers at centers of education.