Basic course horizontal directional drilling with D-Geo Pipeline

The design of a pipeline installed by using the horizontal directional drilling technique, can be carried out with the help of the D-Geo Pipeline computer programme. In this computer programme the relevant design aspects of a horizontal directional drilling are considered.

The pulling force which occurs when the pipeline is pulled into the created borehole is calculated and the strength of the pipeline is assessed. Effects of drilling on the surroundings are important when designing a horizontal directional drilling. Therefore, the programme allows the assessment of the required drilling fluid pressures versus the maximum allowable drilling fluid pressures. The design of a pipeline can be approved if a D-Geo Pipeline calculation has been carried out and all design aspects have been assessed. The consideration of the design aspects results in a feasible horizontal directional drilling design with a low risk-profile.

The course deals with the use of the D-Geo Pipeline computer programme. The schematization of the subsurface with the different soil layers and groundwater levels and the determination of the soil parameters are considered. The configuration of the drilling line with horizontal and vertical bends is dealt with, so that the design can be optimized. For the selection of the pipeline which is installed a database for PE pipes and steel pipes can be used. The D-Geo Pipeline computer programme demonstrates how quickly and effectively an executable design can be made. The D-Geo Pipeline computer programme is also very useful for reviewing designs submitted by licensing authorities.

Main subjects during the course

  • Schematisation of the soil layers along the drilling line
  • Schematisation of groundwater levels and related groundwater pressures
  • Pipeline configuration with horizontal and vertical bends
  • Calculation of the pulling force on the pipeline
  • Calculation of the drilling fluid pressures during drilling
  • Calculation of the load on the pipe during installation and during the operation period
  • Design of installation of pipeline bundles.

Topics which will be considered in detail

  • Schematisation of different soil layers
  • Parameter determination (ground, pipe and engineering parameters)
  • Risk of a frac-out based on drilling fluid pressure calculations
  • Performing a stress analysis of the pipeline.

The course is intended for

  • Employees of contractors, such as engineers s and supervisors
  • Employees of engineering firms
  • Employees of licensing authorities
  • Employees of cable and pipeline owners / operators.


€ 565 * excluding VAT and including lunch and course material.
(* Teachers at educational institutions receive a 50% discount)