D-Stability (D-GEO Suite) – (DSD-INT 2023)

D-Stability is Deltares’ software to model the failure of a slope along a slip plane, so called macro stability. This course enables engineers to use the software in a responsible way and get acquainted with the theoretical background. At the end of the course, all functionality of D-Stability ought to be understood.

Course description

This course teaches you to model the stability of an embankment with D-Stability. Practical knowledge is gained based upon a number of exercises. Based upon cases under supervision of an experienced designer, you practice with the different Limit Equilibrium Methods.

Course topics

The following subjects will be covered during the course:

  •  Downloading and installing the software
  •  Modelling the subsoil
    • By hand
    • Import old projects
    • Importing surface lines
  • The available Limit Equilibrium Methods, including their background and applicability
  • The different material models both for drained and undrained analysis
  • State parameters and yield stress administration
  • The use of construction stages
  • Modelling water pressures in a geometry and in time
  • Loads and reinforcements (influence of earthquakes, geotextiles)
  • Finding the representative slip plane
  • Inspecting the slip plane
  • Introduction to a probabilistic reliability analysis
  • Insight into the data format for scripting purposes.

Course material and language

During the course you will use your own laptop (Bring Your Own Device). In advance of the course, you need to install the required software on your own PC.

The course material and language will be in English.

In case of very few registered English-speaking participants, Deltares may decide to choose for Dutch as course language. In that case, participants who do not want to follow the course in Dutch, can cancel for free or choose to postpone their registration to next year’s edition of the course. Therefore, please indicate whether you prefer English or Dutch as course language (in the remarks field), and whether Dutch would be acceptable for you.

For whom is this course intended?

This course is aimed at the geotechnical engineer or PhD student who wants to gain both theoretical and practical experience in Macro Stability. It is also aimed at people who want to get a better insight into available D-Stability analysis for review purposes. More background information about the probabilistic assessment of geotechnical structures can be gained in the course “reliability and risk analysis.”

Course date

Thursday 12 October  2023, 9:30 – 17:00 CEST (Delft time, UTC+2).


The registration fee for this course is € 599, – excluding VAT.
50% discount for lecturers at centres of education.

Other courses

To learn more about the stability of a soil body/embankments,  Deltares offers the following courses:

  • Calculating macro/slope stability: from determining the soil parameters to a safety factor (link course)
  • Calculating the stability of a soil body/embankments with D-Stability (D-GEO Suite) – advanced course (link course)

These courses are mostly based on the Dutch experience of embankment assessment.

Description is only available in Dutch (see links above), but English versions of these courses can be given when required.

Register per course, via the links above, and add the requests for an English version at “Opmerkingen/wensen”.


This course is part of the Delft Software Days 2023 (DSD-INT 2023).