Delft-FEWS – Online Advanced Course – Australia

In the Delft-FEWS – Advanced Course new advanced modules will be discussed. These are modules that are developed, or received a major functionality upgrade, in the last two Delft-FEWS releases (2019.02, 2020.02). The Delft-FEWS community selected the three modules for this Delft-FEWS Advanced Course during the third online Delft-FEWS user days on November 9, 2020.


The three topics that will be covered in the New Features Course are:

Visualization in Dashboards

Visualization in Dashboards.
The Dashboard is introduced in the 2019 FEWS release and more functionality is added since. We will cover the creation and management of dashboards for spatial and time series displays. More information of the Dashboards can be found on the WIKI.


The time series display contains some on the fly statistics functions that can be added to the configuration. We will cover the concept of on-the -fly statistics and provide examples of existing and new statistics. More information of the on-the-fly statistics can be found on the WIKI.

Spatial Display

The Grid Display or Spatial Display is used to display scalar or gridded time series spatially. The latest improvements to the spatial display will be covered; like the use of spatial layer attributes, polygon statistics, ensembles and spatial modifiers. We will also explain how the spatial display can be configured in an efficient way.

Online format

This course is a blended educational experience, meaning that both self-paced modules and an instructor led session are held.

Course participants will be provided with a functioning Delft-FEWS application as a starting point, and access to the online course materials for 1 year.

In preparation of the training, we’ll send you all the material and will ask you to install the stand alone Delft-FEWS application on your own machine. While attending the training, it will be essential that you have a sufficiently fast internet connection to support a video call, as well as a headset.


Before taking this course the user should be familiar with the basics of Delft-FEWS. Therefore, it is highly recommended (practically mandatory) to take the (online) Delft-FEWS Basic configuration course beforehand.

Furthermore a background in or familiarity with any of the following will be beneficial, however, not essential:

  • Xml-files and editor
  • CSV-files and editor


The registration fee for this course is 895 AUD . 15% discount (max 2) with Delft-FEWS S&M contract.
50% discount for lecturers at centers of education.