Delft-FEWS – Water Quality and Fluvial Models Course

In the Delft-FEWS Water quality configuration course more advanced features of Delft-FEWS configuration will be explained based on several hands-on exercises and short lectures by Delft-FEWS experts of Deltares. It will continue on how to address water quality data (chemical-, nutrient-, and hydro-biological data) in the Delft-FEWS database, where the Basic configuration course of Delft-FEWS stopped. The second half of the course will show how to integrate hydrological or water quality models in a Delft-FEWS application.

Delft-FEWS is a software package developed by Deltares to provide an easy and modular way of setting up operational forecasting systems. Due to the modular approach Delft-FEWS allows you to plug in a wide range of data sources, models and data types. This can all be configured in the Delft-FEWS configuration files.

Delft-FEWS was originally intended for hydrologists and used for Flood Early Warning. Currently Delft-FEWS is used in over 40 countries over the whole world and has expanded its areas of applicability towards droughts, hydropower, coastal systems, water quality, data conversion, shipping, dredging and long term scenario studies.

Aim of the course

After taking this course the participants have a good understanding of the structure of the Delft-FEWS configuration. They are able to implement their own water quality data feeds into Delft-FEWS, set up a basic Water Quality Information System and know how to expand this system in the future.

In this course the participants learn:

  • How to import samples with water quality and hydro-biological data into Delft-FEWS
  • How to use the validation tool that is part of the import module
  • How to query samples in the database and use the sample viewer
  • How to use on-the-fly features in the filter display
  • How to organize your data using qualifier-groups
  • How to process sample data in transformations
  • How to combine water quality with flow data
  • How to export sample data.


There are no mandatory prerequisites for this course. However, it is highly recommended to take the Delft-FEWS Basic configuration course beforehand. Furthermore a background in or familiarity with any of the following will be beneficial, however, not essential:

  • Xml-files and editor
  • CSV-files and editor
  • Delft-FEWS or other water information system software
  • Water quality, Ecology, Hydrology, Monitoring data.


The registration fee for this course is € 599, – excluding VAT.
50% discount for lecturers at centers of education.

More information about Delft-FEWS

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This course was part of the Delft Software Days – Edition 2019 (DSD-INT).