Nature-Based Flood Defences (NBFD): International on-the-job training programme

The application of nature-based flood defences (NBFD) is an innovative and promising approach in the field of flood risk management. As an environmentally friendly alternative to hard constructions, this application enhances ecosystems, while simultaneously, provides protection against flooding and often, other functions also profit. Nature-based flood defences can be more cost-efficient and is able to adapt to changing conditions, such as a rise in sea level.

This training is designed to help flood risk management professionals include naturebased solutions in their daily work processes. Besides an overall introduction into NBFD applications, the training includes: design, assessment and maintenance, and monitoring techniques. NBFD knowledge and practice has been progressing rapidly over the last decade. Deltares is at the forefront of these developments being involved in worldwide applications and research. Our international training gives an overview of the state-of-the-art and helps participants to apply this knowledge to their specific projects and case studies. The overall aim of the training is to enable NBFD implementation globally; improve management practice towards cost-effective feasible measures and to exchange NBFD science and practice. We provide you with knowledge, methods and tools and work in creative and interactive workshops where leading experts and practioners will work together. Participants will be introduced to and become part of the international NBFD community. In addition, the training is tailor-made and designed to match participants needs.

Course result

This NBFD training is to provide participants with:

  • An overview of NBFD, relevant concepts and 10 guiding principles.
  • Understanding of the NBFD planning cycle, flood risk management and the role of ecosystems therein.
  • The ability to make a rough problem analysis, a preliminary design of NBFD measures, an assessment method, and set-up of monitoring & assessment activities.
  • Field experience of NBFD projects
  • Application of insights into a self-chosen NBFD project in a participant case study.
  • A NBFD community for learning and experiences.


Introduction to general NBFD concepts, frameworks and case studies. System understanding and identification of challenges. Including field visit.
Risk-based strategy building; design of NBFD measurements; integral design assessment method.
Implementation procedures; development of risk management plan; monitoring and maintenance techniques.