Online Course Delft-FEWS Web Services – Australia

In the Delft-FEWS Web Services Course we want to present you new ways to exchange your data through the Delft-FEWS Web Service with external applications. This course will introduce you to the world of APIs and describes the different web services available within Delft-FEWS. We will cover topics such as how to install the web service, how to create your own online dashboards and how to change the Web Service configuration. The course is oriented towards users who are new to web services and will take you step by step through the necessary actions to effectively setup your own Delft-FEWS Web Service.


Delft-FEWS is a software package developed by Deltares to provide an easy and modular way of setting up operational forecasting systems. Due to the modular approach Delft-FEWS allows you to plug in a wide range of data sources, models and data types. This can all be configured in the Delft-FEWS configuration files.

The course will be hosted on an online eLearning environment, after participating in the course you will have access to all course materials, instruction videos and exercises for 1 year.

Aim of the course

After taking this course the participants have a good understanding of the Delft-FEWS Web Service. You will understand how you can use the Web Service to make data available to external services and applications.

In this course the participants learn

  • What an API is and how the FEWS Web Service is connected to Delft-FEWS.
  • How to install the FEWS Web Service including configuration of several files.
  • How to make simple web pages from Delft-FEWS data with the FEWS Web Service.
  • How to send requests to the FEWS Web Service and learn of different ways of querying an API.


Before taking this course the user should be familiar with the basics of Delft-FEWS. Therefore, it is highly recommended (practically mandatory) to take the (online) Delft-FEWS Basic configuration course beforehand.
Furthermore a background in or familiarity with any of the following will be beneficial, however, not essential:

  •  Installation of Delft-FEWS
  •  Basic understanding of Databases and systems like Tomcat
  •  Web Services and web development.


The registration fee for this course is 895 AUD (excluding VAT). 15% discount (max 2) with Delft-FEWS S&M contract.
50% discount for lecturers at centers of education.