Online course Statistics for Water Management Australia

The course is designed for professionals at water boards, consultancies, universities, knowledge institutes, etc. whose daily work involves quantitative analyses in which statistics play a role. There are no strict requirements with regards to prior education; the course is at higher education/scientific education level.

Statistics play an important role in water management, for example in deriving design events of rainfall, river discharge or water levels, quantification of risks and analysis of results of a measurement campaign. Incorrect application of statistics can lead to wrong conclusions and non-optimal decision-making. This course aims to contribute to the correct application of statistics in water management.

Statistics for Water Management

This course focusses on a number of frequently used statistical techniques in water management. What assumptions do you make and how do you work towards the solution? We use examples directly from the professional practice of water management. You will also work with common ‘tools’ such as Excel.

The course will be given in English. Note that there is also a Dutch version. The complete range of courses offered by Deltares can be found at


  • Introduction: uncertainty, opportunities, statistics and risk
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Extreme value statistics
  • Time series extrapolation (statistical forecasting)
  • Error propagation
  • Testing hypotheses
  • Uncertainty estimates using Monte Carlo


AUD 895 excluding VAT and including course material.
(* Teachers at educational institutions receive a 50% discount).