SWAN – Wave Modelling

remote sensing diamond valley lake dam
For designing engineering structures such as breakwaters, storm surge barriers or levees, coastal engineers often need high-quality, detailed wave information as represented by the significant wave height, wave period and mean direction or the two-dimensional wave spectrum.

For many situations, the phase-average wave model SWAN provides the required wave information. SWAN can be used as stand-alone application, but it is also included in the new Delft3D FM Suite as the D-Waves module. The two options are offered in this course.

Programme Day 1, 7 November

  • General introduction of wave modelling, SWAN
  • Exercise numerics and physics
  • D-Waves of Delft3D FM Suite

Programme Day 2, 8 November

  • Physics in SWAN
  • Numerics in SWAN, UNSWAN


This course is part of the Delft Software Days – Edition 2018 (DSD-INT). You can register for this course via the DSD-INT website.