Training with Port of the Future Serious Game

The course ‘Gaming and training with the Port of the Future Serious Game’ gives an introduction to sustainable port or city development with a focus on stakeholder participation. The interactive nature of the course raises awareness for a new growth paradigm that promotes economic development, and at the same time ensures climatic and environmental sustainability by incorporating a balanced approach. The focus of the Port of the Future serious game is on the socio-economic development, natural requirements and impact of sustainable design. The game applies a fictional but realistic environment, autonomous scenarios, a set of measures and a qualitative set of indicators for safety, economy and the natural environment. The indicators are defined for port development in such a way that the effect and impact of a traditional port can be compared against sustainable port development. The course will provide a theoretical background of sustainable development in city, port and coastal area. The Port of the Future Serious Game raises awareness of port authorities, policy makers and other interested parties for sustainable aspects, uncertainties with operations and possible cost savings through reduced maintenance cost on the short to long term of 20 years.

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The course outline contains three parts:

  • Theoretical background of sustainable port-city development
  • Gaming with Port of the Future Serious Game
  • Assessment and analyses of your project