Hydropower Water Conduit System Design

The increase in prices of fossil energy sources and their impact on the environment due to green gas emissions has made hydropower more and more an important and attractive energy source. Optimal design of the power waterway connecting the reservoir and the powerhouse is one of the crucial parts by the hydropower plant design.

UNESCO-IHE has developed a 2-week intensive short course on Hydropower water conduit design. The course provides theoretical understanding, practical insights and workshop exercises to the geotechnical, hydraulic and structural design of the power waterways. Please find more information in the attached brochure. The application procedure is outlined on the IHE website.

Application procedure and more information

Visit www.unesco-ihe.org/hydropower and follow instructions.
E-mail: c.schutter-brakel@unesco-ihe.org (Ms. Claudia Schutter-Brakel)