Cascading failures of Critical Infrastructure during floods in Manzese Ward — Dar es Salaam

Published: 23 November 2017

Critical infrastructure such as roads, power stations, transformers, water points and health centres, plays an important role in the functioning of wards in Dar es Salaam. If critical infrastructure fails, the livelihoods and particular vulnerable groups in society cannot function properly. And the problem is: they do fail! There are many flood prone wards in Dar and these floods disrupt or destroy this infrastructure.

The complexity is that as one infrastructure fails, others may as well in cascade. As part of a GFDRR/DFID funded “Challenge Fund” project, Deltares, VU University Amsterdam, Tanzania Red Cross Society and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, developed a physical tool to allow local stakeholders to understand their own vulnerabilities related to critical infrastructure and cascades of failure. Let’s start this blog with a short fictive story.

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Authors: Hessel Winsemius, Shristi Vaidya, Nyambiri Kimacha, Andres Diaz Loaiza