Carine Wesselius

Catchment hydrology


Ms. Carine Wesselius has an MScdegree in Hydrology. After her studies she started working at a consultancy agency, where she was involved with a wide range of projects like urban water plans, drainage plans and (water)policy assessments. Since 2008 Ms. Wesselius is working for Deltares and is involved in hydraulic and hydrological projects. She is an expert on working the SOBEK package of Deltares (1D and 1D/2D modelling) and Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D, the envisioned successor of SOBEK. She has worked on project like the fish migration river in the “Afsluitdijk”, Combining SOBEK with WALRUS in for catchments around the Eider river (DE) and the BOI (national flood defense assessment) program. She also has needed expertise on salinity modelling.