Maarten van Ormondt

Marine and Coastal Systems

+31(0)88335 8204

Maarten van Ormondt has over 15 years of experience in studies related to both estuarine and coastal waters. He specializes in the development and use of complex hydrodynamic modelling systems that are applied in fields ranging from coastal inundation, water quality, and coastal morphology. Mr van Ormondt is also involved in the further development of the Delft3D model suite and several other modelling tools. Between 2001 and 2005, he was heavily involved in various land reclamation studies for the Port of Rotterdam, as well as a number of projects related to the MOSE project in Venice (Italy). In 2005 to 2006, Mr van Ormondt lived in Sydney (Australia) where he joined Cardno Lawson Treloar as a senior consultant. This consultancy agency specializes in various water-related issues. Since his return to Deltares in 2006, he has contributed to several shoreface nourishment studies along the Dutch coast and a number of coastal safety projects in both the USA and the Netherlands. In 2007, Mr van Ormondt had the lead in a hurricane modeling study in the Gulf of Mexico. More recently, he has worked with the USGS to create an operational model system to predict coastal hazards in Southern California. Mr vanOrmondt has also developed an operational model system for the Dutch coast, focusing on the prediction of coastal erosion, inundation, and rip currents. For the Office of Naval Research, he has set up an modeling system of the San Diego Bight to predict the fate of the Tijuana River plume.

Currently, he is developing a 3D model system of the Hawaiian Islands in cooperation with the USGS. Mr van Ormondt has recently also led part of the Dutch joint-industry project Building with Nature, which includes several consultancy firms, dredging contractors, and research institutes. He was responsible for the development and dissemination of products related to the integration of models and data. Within this project, several tools are being developed, from model pre-processing applications to web-based visualization tools.

Mr van Ormondt is the principal developer of the Delft Dashboard platform which integrates these applications. Delft Dashboard is currently applied by the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO) to quickly set up models hydrodynamic models anywhere in the world. Currently, Mr van Ormondt has the technical lead in a study related to land building in and around the West Bay sediment diversion (Louisiana).