4th Symposium on the hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin in Liège

The objective of the symposium is to share and exchange knowledge related to hydrological modelling (in a wide sense) of the Meuse catchment on a scientific basis. For this year’s edition we look for presentations on the following topics:
  • hydrological modelling of the Meuse catchment
  • water-related socio-economic developments in the Meuse catchment
  • real-time control modelling and water management

The joint modelling exercise on comparison of hydrological modelling approaches, which has been a recurring topic since the first edition of the symposium in 2013, will be addressed in the programme, too.

Would you like to give a presentation on this symposium? Please contact Bernhard Becker from the organizing committee.

This year, the symposium will be connected to the International Centre for Advanced Studies on River-Sea Systems – DANUBIUS-RI .

Within DANUBIUS-RI  a distributed research infrastructure (RI) will be developed for collaboration with and enhancement of existing European research infrastructure and programmes. Part of DANUBIUS RI is the “Rhine-Meuse supersite”.

Organising committee: Bernhard Becker (Deltares), Benjamin Dewals (Université de Liège)