Critical Perspectives on Governance by Sustainable Development Goals: Water, Food and Climate

The Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) hosts and brings together partners at UvA and other locations in the Netherlands, which work on sustainable development. Deltares is also contributes to this event and organizes the session:

Monday June 25 – 11:30-13:00

Climate, water, food and migration – information to support adequate responses

This session focuses on how climate services can help to better prepare for and guide climate, water, and food related human migration. Migration can have profound impact on both migrants themselves and on people in receiving areas. It is important to gain a good understanding of where shortage of water and food, exacerbated by climate change and other developments, may lead to migration, in order to inform actions to prevent, guide or prepare for migration. This session combines presentations from both natural and social sciences. The session also shares insights from policy makers/practitioners on the types of migration-related climate services that are required.


Dr. Karen Meijer (Deltares), session chair: introduction of climate, water, food and migration

Ms. Safaa Naffaa (previously with Deltares): Global climate-induced migration projections – numbers, limitations and the use of global models to inform policy-making.

Dr. Ingrid Boas (Wageningen University and Research): Big data in need of ethnography? The case of human mobility in the context of environmental change

Dr. Louise van Schaik (Clingendael): Greening land to offer perspective for the African country-side

Mr. Martin Wyss (IOM-NL): The International Organisation for Migration’s perspectives on water and migration (preliminary title)