Deltares 10 years – Contact day

We have not achieved our successes all by ourselves; cooperation with partners was and still is crucial for this. To celebrate our anniversary, we therefore invite our valuable and important relations to a special relationship day on Friday, October 5 at the Boussinesqweg 1 in Delft.

There will be a varied programme on the relation day, including workshops, lectures, and a visit to the facilities. At the large expo we show, often in an interactive way, a selection of the many projects of Deltares. You are welcome throughout the entire day. Attending only for the morning or afternoon program is also possible.


It promises to be a festive day where networking, sharing knowledge and inspiration are important ingredients. Please let us know that you will be joining by filling in the form below.

Deltares takes privacy seriously and we want to provide transparency about how we  deal with your data. You can read more information about this in our privacy statement on this website. Your data will only be used in this case to send you further information about the customer day, such as the program and directions and transport advice. Furthermore, we would like to point out that photos are taken. We make these photos for the purpose of publishing them internally and externally in Deltares publications. We do not share these photos with third parties for the purposes of these third parties, with the exception of sharing through the use of social media buttons.

Registration Contact Day 5 October

    We have limited parking facilities, please use public transport. Deltares is easy to reach from Delft and Rotterdam railwaystation.