Deltares 10 years – Open Day

On Saturday, October 6, during “the Weekend of Science”, we open our doors. Do you want to experience the science and technology of Deltares live? The program will be on the website in June.

What can you expect?

We will take you into a future of multifunctional dikes, energy from water and the subsurface, clean water and green cities. See how we use models to predict the behaviour of water and the subsurface, and how we conduct full-scale tests to look at the effects of waves on dikes, dunes or offshore structures. And we are inviting you to get involved yourself: build a dike, look into the subsurface and visit our interactive data lab.

Entrance is free. Everyone is very welcome on this open day at the Boussinesqweg location in Delft. So block the date in your diary. We are looking forward to celebrating our tenth anniversary with you. We hope to see you on 6 October!

We would like to point out that photos are taken at the event. We make these photos for the purpose of publishing them internally and externally in Deltares publications. We do not share these photos with third parties for the purposes of these third parties, with the exception of sharing through the use of social media buttons.