Deltares 10 years – Open Day

Research institute Deltares was founded ten years ago: time for a celebration! On Saturday, 6 October, Dutch Science Day, everyone is welcome at our location in Delft to learn about the world of flood risk management, renewable energy sources, water quality, green cities and much more. Pump the water out of your neighbourhood, see for yourself the largest man-made wave on earth and model the Dutch coast with your own hands.

Adults and children are all welcome at the Deltares open day in Delft between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Our colleagues will be there to answer all your questions about things like drought, flooding, land subsidence, sea level rise or new sustainable energy sources in water and the subsurface.

Visitors can also take a hands-on look at the equipment, games and computer programs that the scientists at Deltares use and develop. Test the quality of bathing water for yourself. Walk through a virtual delta with a HoloLens, or find out how drones can help to protect our dikes. Model the Dutch coast in the sandbox and see how that changes currents in the North Sea. And test how your lifestyle impacts the planet in the big footprint quiz.

Dike building competition

There is a sandpit for children with special sculpture sand so they can build the sandcastle of their dreams or the strongest dike ever. Or they can stack small stones as quickly and as well as possible in the ‘dike building’ competition.

World’s largest man made waves

The Deltares research facilities are world-famous. Which is hardly surprising, because the world’s largest man-made waves are generated in the Delta Flume. And would you like to know how locks work when the water is flowing rapidly? We have a large water basin containing a scale model of a lock that can simulate a flow of up to 1800 litres a second.

The open day is free. Parking space is very limited and so Deltares is advising everyone to come by bicycle or public transport.  Every half our a pendelbus will leave from Delft railway station to the Deltares Campus on the Boussinesqweg.

We would like to point out that photos are taken at the event. We make these photos for the purpose of publishing them internally and externally in Deltares publications. We do not share these photos with third parties for the purposes of these third parties, with the exception of sharing through the use of social media buttons.