Deltares at the UN 2023 Water Conference and the New York Water Week

The UN 2023 Water Conference (22-24 March) will galvanise leaders from around the world to make new commitments, pledges, and actions towards achieving the water-related goals and targets. These will be compiled in the Water Action Agenda, which will help mobilise action across countries, sectors, and stakeholders to meet the global water-related goals and targets. The New York Water Week (18-24 March) will showcase innovative water actions and solutions from across the globe. Deltares will host several side events during the Conference and the Water Week.

Deltares’ contribution to the UN 2023 Water Conference and the New York Water Week

Leaders and decision-makers from around the world will gather together in New York for the UN 2023 Water Conference and the New York Water Week. This moment is a catalyst for action, so we can ensure for water security for all. Deltares aims ensure that the political process around the UN 2023 Water Conference is informed by the best available knowledge. Policy cannot be disconnected from science. We also see the Conference as a unique opportunity to create a dialogue, set the agenda, and to engage with our partners. This is crucial for us, as solving major challenges requires systemic changes to our society that no single organisation can achieve on its own. We believe it is our role is to mobilise all forces and bring together the necessary knowledge.

Deltares Side Events at the UN 2023 Water Conference

All times are local. Further information on events, including speakers and how to register, will be added. Please be sure to check this page regularly. Please note events due to take place at the UN’s headquarters are only accessible to attendees of the UN 2023 Water Conference.

Water and Heritage: Connecting Past, Present and Future
Monday 20 March 10:00-12:00 EST
This side event brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary group to discuss concepts, methodologies and case studies.

UN 2023 Water Conference: from Pledge to Practice
Wednesday 22 March 8:30-10:30 EST
This side event will launch the Pledge to Practice Roadmap to ensure the implementation of these commitments. This roadmap includes a series of guidelines that address the key implementation challenges with practical recommendations and pathways, supported by evidence, knowledge and best practices from the field.

Towards Climate-Resilient Development: Integrating Climate Mobility into Strategies for Water Security & Achieving SDG 6 (Virtual Side Event)
Wednesday 22 March 10:00-11:30 EST
During this virtual side-event, the organisers will launch their commitment to contribute to the Water Action Agenda, in line with the SDG 6 accelerators Data and Information and Capacity Development.

Climate impact and financing adaptation: Water as Leverage investing millions in project origination to unlock billions for project implementation
Wednesday 22 March 13:00-17:00 EST
This side event demonstrates and scales the ambition of Water as Leverage as an approach for worldwide urban climate resilience, through water.

Water Management Innovation for Underserved Populations
Wednesday 22 March 15:30-16:45 EST
The IBM Sustainability Accelerator is a pro-bono social impact program speeding and scaling nonprofit and governmental organisation environmental sustainability initiatives supporting vulnerable populations. At the 2023 UN Water Conference, IBM will provide the first formal impact and innovation updates on two on-going projects at the intersection of water and sustainable agriculture. Following the project updates, we will hold a high-level discussion with leading experts on the power and importance of partnerships and initiatives such as the Sustainability Accelerator.

United Nations of Rivers, Deltas, and Estuaries Day #6: Special Lecture. Designing with Water: Past, Present and Future
Thursday 23 March 8:00-10:00 EST
This high-level meeting aims to share our insights and gather support of policy makers and international organisations for the implementation of a series of action-based initiatives. Together, the participants will set aims and objectives for the year to come, and formalise the commitments for the Water Action Agenda.

Water for Peace: From Source to Sea
Thursday 23 March 10:00-12:15 EST

Dealing with climate, water and peace: how participatory system analysis supported conflict resolution at local level. Lessons from Niger.
Thursday 23 March 13:00-14:30 EST
The session brings together practitioners, government representatives, international organisations, and financial institutions.

Source-to-sea collaboration: A game changer for the whole water cycle
Thursday 23 March 17:00 – 18:15 EST
This side event will explore how source-to-sea management can be used to achieve multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

Living Labs for water transitions: Sharing approaches for sustainable water transitions in times of climate change
Thursday 23 March 17:00 – 18:15 EST
The side event will present living lab examples related to the crucial food-water nexus, focusing on low lying coastal regions and sandy islands, highly productive clay and peat-meadow areas.

Launch of the International Panel on Deltas, Coastal Areas and Islands (IPDC): sharing knowledge and driving international cooperation to accelerate climate adaptation action
Thursday 23 March 18:30-19:45 EST
Bringing together international leaders to encourage climate adaptation action on the ground, exchange knowledge, and accelerate investment to protect vulnerable deltas, coasts, and islands.

Infrastructure Resilience – A Prerequisite for ensuring availability and sustainable water management
Thursday 23 March 18:30-1945 EST
This side-event will showcase the interdependencies between water systems and other infrastructure systems as well as linkages between climate change and disaster risk reduction, highlighting the importance of infrastructure resilience for the resilient, sustainable and equitable management and distribution of water.

Localising the Blue Economy: A City-Basin Approach
Friday 24 March 8:00-9:15 EST

Mainstreaming the valuing water perspective towards better decision making
Friday 24 March 9:00-11:00 EST
This side event is envisioned as a space for exchanging valuable international experiences and lessons learnt from the Regional Valuing Water Processes (LAC and Africa). Additionally, the event will focus on discussing and showcasing the commitments towards the Valuing Water Principles (VWP) and the identification of needs to further take the commitments into practice.

Economic Resilience Through Water Resilience: Managing Economies for Uncertainty and Change
Friday 24 March 12:30-13:45 EST
During this side event, contributions from government agencies, multilateral development banks, finance institutions, NGOs, and the private sector will illustrate how a water-centric approach is a prerequisite for economies to go beyond de-risking in order to thrive amid a climate-uncertain future.

Addressing Water Scarcity to Achieve Climate Resilience and Human Health
Friday 24 March 13:15-14:45 EST
This event features approaches to overcome water scarcity, enhance climate resilience, and improve human health. It will identify location-specific, culturally safe, and scaleable solutions. It supports the use of the SDG framework as a mechanism for channeling investments,
including capacity building for UN Member States facing water scarcity to fully understand their challenges and create effective responses.

Uganda’s response to Conflict and Climate Change Induced Migration and Displacement through improved Water Services and Water Security
Friday 24 March 14:00-15:15 EST

Deltares Events at the New York Water Week

All times are local. Further information on events, including speakers and how to register, will be updated. Please be sure to check this page regularly.

Managing river basins as a system
Monday 20 March 10:30-12:30 EST
The Yangtze River in China has one of the world’s largest river basins, home to more than 400 million people. CCICED’s Special Policy Study team on “High-quality development of river basins and adaptation to climate change”, consisting of Chinese and international experts, are leading global research efforts on river basin management in the face of accelerating climate risks. Come to the New York Water Week on March 20 and listen to our experts discuss key challenges and solutions of river basin management in the 21st century – and beyond.

Accelerating and Rethinking Water Action in Cities
Tuesday 21 March 8:30-13:30 EST
In this Innovation Lab we focus on alternative approaches that are inclusive, design-driven and use water as leverage to unlock cities’ potential. This innovation lab will bring together and showcase these alternative approaches and methodologies. As a forum for learning across a range of experiences, we can innovate and accelerate water action in cities.

Can Technology Solve the Water Crisis?
Tuesday 21 March 9:00-11:30 EST
In this session we will discuss the role of advanced technology and multi-sectoral collaboration in addressing nexus issues, and deep dive into the Global Water Watch platform, with a chance for the audience to provide feedback on this tool. Register here.

Resilient Cities: Cities Solve, Cities Deliver – Accelerating Water Action for Resilient Cities
Tuesday 21 March 15:00-19:30 EST
The event will bring together city officials, national government representatives, community representatives, private sector partners, academics, research organisations, artists and donors to discuss challenges cities face to address water related risks that hinder the urban transformation we need to see to advance sustainable development for people, our economies and the planet.

International Panel for Deltas and Coastal Areas: Deep Dive
Friday 24 March 9:00-11:00 EST
A two-hour interactive session to discuss the challenges and solutions concerning accelerating climate adaptation in deltas, coastal areas and islands . The report of Future Water Global challenges will form the basis of moderated discussions, where main challenges and relevant approaches for sustainable development in deltas, coastal areas and islands will be identified.

Deltares experts attending the UN 2023 Water Conference and the New York Water Week

Annemieke Nijhof – Managing Director Deltares

Toon Segeren – Director Deltares International

Audrey Legat – Senior Adviser Water Governance

Harm Duel – Research Manager, Chair of the IPDC Secretariat

Laura Basco Carrera – Senior Adviser Water Resources Management

Judith Kaspersma – Manager Flood Risk Management

Stephanie Jansen – Senior Researcher Social Inclusion and Sustainability in Water Climate Adaptation

Antonio Moreno Rodenas – Senior Researcher Environmental Hydraulics

Reinaldo Penailillo Burgos – Senior Adviser water resources management

Diana Morales Irato – Water and Environmental Economist

Nanco Dolman – Lead Expert Water Resilient Cities

Sonja Wanke – Researcher Marine and Coastal Management

Hans Gehrels – Global lead on urban resilience


For speaker availability, please contact Brigitte Verhagen – Coordinator Marketing and Events

For press and media enquiries, please contact Eveline Filon – Communications Adviser