Deltares open Offshore Wind Event

During this free event we share our research and latest insights in Offshore Wind with you. And you will have a unique opportunity to witness large wave impacts on a monopile and observe the performance of scour protection in the world’s largest wave flume: the Delta flume. The tests are part of the Joint-Industry-Project Handbook Scour Protection Methods (JIP HaSPro). This research ultimately leads to cheaper, safer and more efficient designs of scour protections for offshore wind foundations and cable crossings.

Registration is closed.

Transportation to Deltares
Do you intend to come to Deltares by car? In view of limited parking capacity carpooling or using the public transport to reach Deltares is recommended. Please note that after 19:00 in the evening busses for the train station leave only every half an hour. The OV-bike is a quick and easy way to reach Deltares. You can use your OV-ticket to rent up to 2 bicycles from Delft and Delft-Zuid station.

For more information you can also consult 9292.