Deltares Software Days South-East Asia – Yogyakarta

Join us in Yogyakarta from 6-8 September 2018 to exchange your software experiences and engage in excellent networking opportunities. On Thursday, 6 September we will start with an engaging seminar where software applications from the whole South-East Asia region are presented. The following days, participants have the opportunity to attend training courses, demos, workshops in which they learn to use the latest hydrological software.

Visit the DSD-SEA 2018 website for the programme & registration and all information.

South-East Asia is a region with many water-related challenges, but also a region with a lot of energy and great innovation power. It is a region where we enjoy working with our partners on improving opportunities for inhabitants of vulnerable delta areas and where many experts use our state-of-the-art open source software to support their work.

For some years Deltares has had the wish to bring the Deltares Software Days to South-East Asia. We now found the perfect opportunity to organise the regional edition of the well-known Deltares Software Days. Now more of our enthusiast users can meet each other, exchange ideas and experiences, and learn about the latest developments in our state-of-the-art software, without having to come to The Netherlands.

This new edition will bring together engaged users and software developers of the Delft3D FM Suite, Delft-FEWS, WFlow, RIBASIM and many other software simulation products and solutions.

The Software Days take place consecutive to the well-known IAHR-APD conference, also organised in Yogyakarta.