Dhaka Water Knowledge Days 2019

Join us in Dhaka this October for a 5-day programme of engaging presentations and training workshops on (1) Flood Risk Management; preparing for the future, (2) Ground- and surface water management; securing vulnerable water resources, (3) Morphology, erosion and sediment management; key to development, (4) Water quality and salinity; safeguarding water security and (5) Disaster Risk Reduction; inclusive and integrated approaches.

Every day you can choose to participate to the presentations, workshops on various topics and training on various software programmes of your interest. The events are free of cost (registration mandatory).

Registration will open soon!

Students and Young Professionals

This event encourages and supports engagement and skill development of the students and young professionals in the water sector. At least one session in the event will be organised by and for the students and young professionals.

Software Workshops and Multi-Disciplinary Side-Events

Follow workshops, led by experts, learn more about the use and application of various software packages relevant for your work in Bangladesh and neighboring countries, such as Delft3D FM, Delft-FEWS, wflow and RIBASIM. Furthermore, engage with other national and international participants in various activities as part of the side events, ranging from hackathons, to youth fora to participatory workshops.

Focus of the event

The event will focus on exchange of experiences, knowledge, development and good practices in the water sector amongst Bangladesh, and International water experts. The event will include workshops and practical presentations by Bangladesh and International experts while simultaneously offering opportunities of training in specific various open-source software alongside non-open source software packages.

The event aims to attract practitioners, scientists, MSc and PhD students, as well as young professionals from the broad spectrum of organisations and individuals working in the water sector in Bangladesh and neighbouring countries.


The Dhaka Water Knowledge Days 2019 is jointly organised by Deltares, IWM, CEGIS and WUR.

Please contact Shristi Vaidya (shristi.vaidya@deltares.nl) or Nishchal Sardjoe (Nishchal.sardjoe@deltares.nl) if you have any questions.

Event partners

  • Research institutions:
    • Deltares
    • Institute of Water Modelling (IWM)
    • Center for Enviromental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)
  • Principal government partners:
    • Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands (EKN)
  • Academic institutions:
    • Wageningen University & Research (WUR)