EartH2Observe, Marketplace of Ideas for application of earth observatory data

The final General Assembly of our project will be held from 29 November till 1 December 2017 at Deltares, Delft.

This meeting will be concluded with a Marketplace of Ideas to show the outcomes of our project (data, portal) to a wider external audience of Earth Observation (EO) data providers in the field of hydrometeorology and water resources management, potential users and end users (water authorities). We would also like to invite a few of them to present applications and to discuss opportunities arising for new innovative products and services.

We seek to maximize the uptake and commercial exploitation of the E2O products we developed in our project, and to help SMEs to improve and develop services and products in the domain of environmental assessment and monitoring using EO technology.

Would you like to join us during this Marketplace of Ideas, please send an email

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