Flood Expo 2019, Birmingham

The Flood Expo is the world’s largest exhibition and conference designed to help the most progressive flood professionals and property owners discover the latest innovative products, services and strategies that transform the way flooding is predicted, prevented, and managed. The event will take place in 11 and 12 September in the NEC, Birmingham (UK).

In addition to recurring top speakers from the keynote lineup of 2018, Mary Dhonau, from Know Your Flood Risk and Daniel Rosenberg from Gravitas, there are even more great speakers from all over the Flood industry. From case studies to tackling sustainable challenges in the flood industry, this is undoubtedly the strongest keynote speaker series that the Flood Expo has ever seen.
Amongst others:

  • David Nash of the Z Zurich Foundation discusses the work of the Flood Resilience Alliance in Zürich in building a system-based methodology that goes beyond grey infrastructure solutions. He will show how their approach creates locally relevant actions, helps communities around the world to develop in a climate-savvy and risk-informed manner, and demonstrates how we can measure resilience as a result.
  • Fai Fung of the Met Office talks about the future climate projections for the UK. UKCP18 is designed to inform management of future risks of climate variability and change, and provides updated probabilistic estimates of series of future climate change and results of a new series Global, European and British scale models.
  • Neil Parker of BAM Nuttall will discuss the sustainable challenges for the cooperation partners of the framework for cooperation. While the Environment Agency (EA) moves to its new Collaborative Delivery arrangements, the presentation will focus on how the suppliers will collaborate in partnership with the EA and the supply chain to develop sustainable solutions Increasing efficiency and carbon challenges.
  • Judith Kaspersma from Deltares will talk about innovation in flood risk management in the Netherlands. She will provide an overview of current innovations in flood risk management in the Netherlands, tools, approaches and methods.
  • And much more other speakers…..