IAHR World Congres

Our experts are participating in the congres and we are organising a special session on Nature Based Solutions as well as Outfall Systems.


Topic Presenter Programme
Pulsed LEDs for PIV in a vertically submersible pump Wout Bakker Monday Sept 2, 13:00 – 13:15

Room: Panamá 3

Tool for integrated Water Management; Herramienta para el Manejo Integral del Agua – HERMANA Erik Ruijgh Monday Sept 2, 13.15

Room: Panama 4

Shifting the discharge mind-set from harmful to habitat: Exploring inventive designs and benefits of underwater discharge structures Robin Morelissen Monday Sept 2, 16.15

Room: Roma 1

 Hydraulic research for the new lock in Terneuzen Helena dos Santos Nogueira Thursday Sept 5, 13:00 – 13:15

Room: Madrid

Special on Nature Based Solutions

We are also organising a special session on Nature Based Solutions . In this Special Session the potential for Nature Based Solutions are explored, specifically focusing on the Middle and South American situation, but of course taking examples from the larger international community as a means to make more IAHR-members aware of these new developments. Ellis Penning and Stephanie Janssen are the organisers.

Special on Outfall Systems

The Special Session is organized by the IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Marine Outfall Systems, whose main objectives are to advance the science and technology of all aspects of coastal wastewater discharges from outfalls and their design, and to facilitate communication between the diverse groups of practitioners in the field. The Committee recognizes the considerable potential for integrated systems of wastewater treatment and disposal that consider the response of the receiving waters and their natural assimilative capacity.

The design and siting of submarine outfalls is a complex task that relies on many disciplines including oceanography, civil and environmental engineering, marine biology, construction, economics, public relations and social and cultural matters. These diverse disciplines are rarely brought together in a single group, which is the key strength of the Joint Committee. The Special Session contains 12 presentations covering a wide range of aspects related to marine outfalls from fundamental research to case studies and innovative and sustainable outfall system design. Robin Morelissen and Philip Roberts (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) are the organisers.