Impact of Extreme Weather on Critical Infrastructure: INTACT End Event

Be Prepared, Stay INTACT. How to keep our critical infrastructures resilient toward the extreme weather events we are facing nowadays? INTACT will bring you some answers!

Extreme weather events (EWE) become the new normal according to a recent study by the United Nations. Resilience of Critical Infrastructure (CI) to EWE, such as heavy rainfall, drought or icing, is already one of the most demanding challenges for both government and society. EWE causes severe threats to the well functioning of CI and thus society. The new normal of EWE increases the probability and severity of events such as flooding, drought and wild fires, which presents a range of complex challenges to the operational resilience of CI.

CIrcle collects relationships and uses them in combination with flood models, such as Delft3D FM, and open data to visualise the cascading effects in a 3D interactive environment

The economic and societal relevance of the vulnerability and resilience of CI is obvious: infrastructure malfunctioning and outages can have far reaching consequences and impacts on economy and society. The cost of developing and maintaining CI is high if they are expected to have a realistic functional and economic life (50+ years). Hence, future EWE have to be taken into account when considering protection measures, mitigation measures and adaption measures to reflect actual and predicted instances of CI failures. The INTACT project addresses these challenges and brings together innovative and cutting edge knowledge and experience in Europe in order to develop and demonstrate best practices in engineering, materials, construction, planning and design of protective measures as well as crisis response and recovery capabilities. All this culminates in the INTACT Wiki, the decision support system that facilitates cross-disciplinary and cross-border data sharing and provides for a forum for evidence based policy formulation.

INTACT is a European project financed in the framework of the FP7 Program. It brings together innovative and cutting edge knowledge and experience in Europe in order to develop and  demonstrate best practices and crisis response because of extreme weather events.

intact-wikiThe INTACT wiki is the platform in which the knowledge, tools and methods, developed in the EU project INTACT are shared with the world. On it, you can find information, references, guidance and experiences on how to ensure continued resilience of critical infrastructures in the context of changing climate and related extreme weather events.We will bring you on March 23 an interactive programme with keynote speakers and experts including discussions. Participants can visit booths, listen to short presentations and can try out the INTACT Wiki.

Who attends:

  • Policy Maker: National Ministries, European Commission, NGOs
  • Branch Organisations (EVO/TLN/IRU/FERL etc.)
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Meteorological Institutes
  • Crisis management organisations
  • Researchers and engineers
  • Partner projects

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