Where and when?

Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Free of charge

Call for abstracts

If you would like to participate in the programme, please send your abstract for oral presentation or your poster to IC-Plastics2024@minienw.nl before 1 December 2023.

More knowledge needed

One of the major environmental issues in soil and water management is the presence of plastics. Awareness is growing that pollution by plastics must be prevented and recent research shows that it becomes a bigger issue especially in soil. However, little is known about the fate and impact of smaller plastic particles (micro- and nanoplastics or MNP).

More knowledge about degradation, spread and exposure to MNP is needed to assess the impact on the environment and human health while a healthy soil is crucial. Knowledge about plastics in the soil is also still a young branch of science while the input sources of plastics into soil are manifold.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Utrecht mid-March 2024!

Previous Conference on plastics in soil

In October 2022, the international and previous conference on plastics in soil was organised by the German Environment Agency (UBA) in Berlin, Germany. It is of great relevance to bring experts from different disciplines together for exchanging knowledge, learning through in-depth discussions, and having discussions with decision makers in the sector and politics.

Deltares and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management have initiated the organisation of an international conference that elaborates further on the prior event hosted by the UBA. By joining this conference: you will participate in working on the understanding of risks and developing crucial mitigation strategies, and towards limiting and managing the impact on human health and the environment on a national, EU and international level.

Important Dates

Date Activity
1 December 2023Deadline abstract, submission for contributions (oral presentation and posters)
15 January 2024Notification of contribution acceptance
1 February 2024Final program available
16 February 2024Registration deadline
13 - 14 March 2024Conference event in Utrecht

Target group, registration, and participation

This international conference provides an opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge and is aimed at scientists and decision-makers. The conference will be free of charge after registration which will be possible at the beginning of December.

Preliminary programme 13 March 2024

-Session 1 (Micro)plastics in soil – general insights
-Coffee break with poster session
-Session 2, Workshop sessions: Several topics by science meets stakeholders; details will follow
17:30Networking drinks with poster session
-Buffet dinner

Preliminary programme 14 March 2024

-Session 3: (Micro)plastics in soil – Environmental risks, fate and impact
-Coffee break
-Session 4:(Micro)plastics in soil – governance and policy
-Presentations and closing (incl poster price announcement)
13:00Lunch or lunch to go (optional)

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