Scaling up nature based flood risk reduction

Together with World Bank, UNDP and Ecoshape we are organising a first workshop on scaling up nature based flood risk reduction. The meeting will focus on producing guidelines for the effective implementation of green and hybrid solutions to reduce flood risk in urban, riverine and coastal settings.

Nature-based solutions are increasingly being used for flood-risk reduction and climate change adaptation, especially in developing countries where they are most needed. Examples are the use of mangroves for wave reduction and erosion control and the use of urban green spaces for retention of storm waters. If properly implemented, nature-based solutions can aid in reducing flood risk while also providing additional benefits for people, the economy and nature conservation. However, effective implementation is challenging, as it requires integration of different disciplines and the active involvement of governments and communities.

Training of local community on construction of permeable dams for mangrove restoration under the Building with Nature project in Indonesia