Online World Water Week Stockholm

World Water Week is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place in Stockholm, Sweden on an annual basis. It has been the focal point for global water issues since 1991.

Many in the development community felt disappointed when the coronavirus outbreak forced the organizers to cancel World Water Week, for the first time ever. This year the world’s leading annual water event was meant to focus on water solutions to accelerate action on climate change, something which clearly cannot wait. A new conversation is also picking up, about how recovery efforts during the current economic downturn could be used to fast-track progress towards a more resilient society. The voice of water is needed in that debate.

So, join world-leading water and climate experts at WWWeek At Home! and meet the Deltares experts. Participation is also free, anyone can check out the impressive programme, which will be out in early August, and then tune into sessions with leading experts on all things water related.