About Luisa Torres Duenas

M.Sc. Luisa Torres is a Hydraulic engineer with a specialization in flood risk, hydraulic structures. She received her MSc degree at Delft University of Technology in 2018, where she did a flood risk assessment considering compound events (Precipitation and Storm Surge) triggered by the occurrence of Tropical Cyclones in the Gulf of Mexico (M.Sc. thesis nominated to best thesis in Hydraulic Engineering in the NL- Waterbouwprijs). Since her graduation, she has been working as a coastal engineer in Deltares, advising and researching in topics involving compound flooding, probabilistic risk assessments, multi-hazard risk assessments for vulnerable coastal regions, flood impact modelling using the SFINCS and Delft-FIAT and in the design of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) frameworks and plans. Luisa has been involved in coastal risk mapping for coastal communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America, and has also facilitated stakeholder meetings, workshops and webinars for risk communication for different actors involved in disaster risk management . She was also part of the team who is designing a framework for ICZM in the State of Kuwait where her responsibility is to support the development of tailored-made guidelines for ICZM implementation and building capacity on coastal risk assessments and definition of climate change scenarios introducing the concept of adaptation strategies (tipping points). Lately she has worked in the design an co-creation of dashboards for decision making processes related to flood risk management using Power-BI and ESRI story maps. Fields of special interest for Ms. Torres include climate adaption studies, flood risk mapping and exploration of risk reduction strategies using nature-based solutions.

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