Deltares performed model tests in 2016 to investigate scour development and conceptual scour protection for the platforms commissioned by Tennet. The contract for the construction and installation of both platforms was awarded to HSM Offshore in 2017 and Deltares was asked to help with the detailed scour protection designs for these platforms.

“Using the knowledge from the earlier model tests and our experience with similar structures in the field, an optimal scour protection layout is developed,” says Hendrik Jan Riezebos, offshore expert at Deltares. “This saved HSM Offshore the exercise of performing additional model tests, and furthermore provided input on secondary effects like edge scour and the effect the installation vessel's spud can footings.”

3D-measurement of scour simulation in physical model tests
3D-measurement of scour simulation in physical model tests using Deltares’ Atlantic Basin (source: Deltares’ test report for Borssele OHVS, via

“HSM Offshore has a long and extensive track record with EPCIC contract based projects for the Upstream Offshore Energy sector and are continuously expanding the scope of their projects to be in a position to offer full turnkey solutions to their clients", says Jannes Kinds, project manager HSM Offshore. "Deltares has provided us with a valuable service, which allows us to mitigate the associated risks and perform the project in a safe and cost effective manner."

The installation of the Borssele Alpha foundation is planned for the second half of 2018 and the full OHVS platform is scheduled for completion in 2019. Borssele Beta is planned for 2020.

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