Aljosja Hooijer

Specialist Water resources expert and wetland management

+31(0)88335 8170

Dr Hooijer has worked in more than 25 countries since 1990, both in Europe and in the tropics. Most of his projects have been multidisciplinary efforts to find solutions for sustainable management of land and water systems, in which he is active as adviser, researcher and often project leader. Core areas of expertise are water resources management and wetland/peatland management. Activities include development of field monitoring systems, data analysis, environmental impact assessments and training.

In recent years, a key activity has been the development of science based management support projects for lowland peatlands in SE Asia, which make up 10% of the region’s land area, for Governments, NGOs and private business. These activities have evolved from process studies (of the hydrological and carbon cycles, in relation to management and  ecology) to impact assessments (determining how peatlands are affected by drainage and fires) to practical management and rehabilitation (aiming to reduce these impacts).

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Working experience

1999 Deltares Senior Adviser (Specialist level since 2009) with Deltares (formerly Delft Hydraulics).
1997-1999 Royal Holloway Institute for Environmental Research Researcher with the Royal Holloway Institute for Environmental Research, London.
1995-1997 University of Western Australia Consultant with Centre for Water research (University of Western Australia) and Montgomery Watson Consultants (Australia), mostly for projects in SE Asia.
1990-1995 Free University of Amsterdam Researcher with the Department of Earth Sciences, Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.