Expert on development of innovative technologies in the context of NBS or manager of our largest coastal NBS project: mangrove coasts under threat

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Dr Miguel de Lucas Pardo is a Civil Engineer with a PhD in Sediment Transport, with over 10 years of experience in managing research and industry projects in sediment, dredging and ecology. Miguel is the main responsible for the ideas behind the development of several innovative research projects at the Institute for Oil Sand Innovations in Canada, that he executes together with his fellow researchers and engineers at Deltares, as well as with other key professionals at NAIT and UofA. He is also the Project Manager in two very relevant Nature Based Solution Projects in Indonesia, where sediment plays a key role in the development of Nature Based Coastal Defences. Miguel´s passion and main skill is to combine the management of bright researchers and engineers at research projects with the development of innovative ideas and concepts at the boundary of sediment management and ecology.

Working experience

2014-present Deltares advisor/researcher Marine and Coastal Systems
2013-2014 TUDelft Researcher Environmental Fluid Dynamics
2009-2013 Deltares-TUDelft Researcher