Arjen Boon

Expert on marine ecosystems dynamics

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Arjen Boon Ph.D. is a senior researcher/consultant at the department Ecosystem Dynamics within the unit Marine and Coastal Systems of Deltares. He is a marine ecologist with a 20 year professional background in fundamental and applied marine ecological research and consulting. His disciplinary background is in benthic ecology, marine process ecology and marine ecosystem dynamics. He has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of scientific ecological issues relevant to marine science, policy and management. The sustainable implementation of human activities in the marine and coastal environment is always at the core of his work and ecosystem-based management the underlying approach. In more recent years, Arjen applied and further developed the concept of Ecosystem Services as a powerful approach to combine the marine natural  environment to the socio-economic domain. Currently, Dr Boon is scientific coordinator of the work package Ecosystem Services in the 45-partner EU-funded research project Ecopotential that investigates the use of Earth Observation for the quantification of ecosystem services. He is also in the lead of work for the European Environment Agency in developing an operational MAES marine ecosystem typology for linage to marine ecosystem services assessments within MAES (as part of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020). He has extensive experience on Impact Assessments (on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning) of maritime activities such as marine sand extraction, coastal extensions (Port of Rotterdam) and offshore wind farms. In particular for the latter, the cumulative and transboundary effects of wind farms developed by Belgium, the Netherlands, UK and Germany in the North Sea have been a recurring issue also aligned with cross-border and multi-stakeholder Marine Spatial Planning. Finally, he has frequently had the role of the scientific coordinating complex and  integrated  research  and  monitoring  projects, project management and (chief-) editing project reports.

Working experience

2009-present Deltares Senior researcher Marine Systems Ecology
2005-2009 Royal Haskoning Senior researcher Marine Ecology
2003-2005 Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries Policy advisor marine ecology and fisheries
2000-2003 Greenpeace Campaigner Marine Fisheries
1998-2000 Netherlands Research Institute for Fisheries Fisheries ecologist
1993-1998 Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research Benthic ecologist