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Dr. ir Bas Borsje is an expert in the field Building with Nature, more specifically in nature-based flood protection. Bas holds a master in Civil Engineering (cum laude), a PhD in Ecological Engineering (cum laude) and a VENI grant in Nature-based flood protection.

Key success of his track-record is the combined use of field campaigns, flume experiments and model studies to understand the inherent dynamics of small-scale biota and the large-scale landscape. Bas managed to publish his research results in ecological, physical as well as interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journals.

Further, Bas is able to translate excellent fundamental research towards utilisation. In his part-time appointment at Deltares, he designs pilot projects in order to answer applied research questions on Building with Nature principles like recovery of biological activity after human interferences, wave dampening by biogenic structures and sediment (de)stabilisation by biological activity.

During his VENI scholarship, Bas will investigate the stability of coastal wetlands and specifically focus on root structure and the behavior of clays in sediment. This will lead to better understanding of (uncertainties) in the safety levels of wetlands. The project will provide the knowledge, methods and tools required for the design of wetlands as safe and cost-effective alternative in coastal protection worldwide. Research stays are foreseen at University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Antwerp.

zandmotoroystergalgenplaatArtificial Oyster reefs: 20 m3 (left), nourishment of intertidal flats: 130K m3 (middle) and the sand engine: 21M m3 (right).

Working experience

2015-present University of Twente Assistant Professor experimental fluid & sediment dynamics
2006- present Deltares advisor/researcher Building with Nature