Bas Hofland

Coastal Structures Specialist

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Dr. Hofland is involved in advise, research, and modelling of hydraulic structures. He is experienced in coastal engineering, as well as many aspects of fluid mechanics, like flow, turbulence, and wave dynamics. At Deltares he has been involved in consulting and research work on coastal structures like breakwaters (e.g. rubble mound, caissons, and floating), revetments, flood barriers, and bed protections. A thorough knowledge on (physical) modelling techniques and measurement techniques helps in finding solutions for non-standard problems.

Working experience

2014-present Deltares Coastal Structures Specialist
2009-2014 Deltares Senior Coastal engineer / researcher
2005-2009 Deltares Coastal engineer / researcher
2000-2005 Delft University of Technology PhD study on bed protections and turbulence.