Bas van der Grift

Subsurface and Groundwater Quality

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Bas van der Grift has a M.SC. in Geochemistry and has 14 years of experience in a board spectra of groundwater and surface water quality projects. In 1997 he completed his education at the Utrecht University faculty of Geoscience. In 1998 Mr van der Grift started to work as a hydrogeochemist at TNO, one of the institutes that formed Deltares in 2008. He is a specialist on groundwater quality and hydrogeochemistry. He has a broad knowledge of and experience with diffuse agricultural emissions and there impact on groundwater quality and surface water quality. He is an expert on groundwater quality modeling. He has a large experience on design, optimization and data analysis of regional soil, groundwater and surface water quality monitoring networks. He has experience in international projects in Central and Eastern Europe. He was task force leader monitoring of the project ‘Institutional support to the Slovak Pesticides programme’.