Daniel Twigt

Senior Researcher/Advisor Marine and Coastal Information Systems

+31 6 10 31 75 27

daniel.twigt@deltares.nl LinkedIn profile

Mr. Twigt is senior advisor in the Marine and Coastal Systems Unit of Deltares. His main activities relate to the development of operational forecasting systems. In this field, he has been involved with a wide range of systems for varying applications, dealing with different processes (hydrodynamics, water quality and hydrology) and different domains (shelf seas, estuaries, rivers, lakes, megacities). Presently, Mr. Twigt’s main focus in on the development of coastal flood forecasting and early warning systems.

One of Mr. Twigt’s key strengths is in systems integration, where his background in process modelling, measurement techniques and IT provides and excellent basis. In the field of process modelling Mr. Twigt has extensive experience in hydrodynamic modeling using Delft3D-FLOW. In addition, he has experience in water quality modeling using Delwaq and hydrological modeling using Sobek. In the field of measurement techniques, Mr. Twigt has a background in satellite remote sensing and in-situ validation. In the field of IT, he has experience with hardware architecture and with various programming and scripting languages. Furthermore, Mr. Twigt is an expert in the Delft-FEWS package used to setup and integrate operational forecasting systems.

In all of his activities, Mr. Twigt is result driven and has high quality standards. Mr. Twigt has been involved with the development of operational forecasting systems worldwide, and for various types of clients. In the development of these systems, Mr. Twigt gives a central role to the end-users of the system, the information they need for effective operational management and the circumstances in which they operate. This usually implies that he closely involves the client and end-users in the development process and design choices. Furthermore, Mr. Twigt has extensive experience in capacity building and training programs setup to this end. Mr. Twigt is also one the coordinators of Deltares’ research program on flood early warning.