Femke Davids

Expert Operational Water Management & Early Warning

+31 88 335 8248

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Dr. Femke Davids is an expert in the field of Operational Water Management. She works together with Dutch and international partners and advises on Delft-FEWS (a Flood Early Warning System) to configure, analyse and visualise meteorological and hydrological datasets for hydrological forecasting. Her research interests focus on calculating and visualising uncertainties in hydrological forecasting to improve and facilitate operational decisions and on improving forecasting communication to non-specialists. For example, in Bangladesh she investigated the potential use of mobile services for early warning of natural hazards and water management. She has a multi-disciplinary and open perspective and aims to facilitate understanding between scientists and ‘users’ and decision-makers in flood forecasting. She convenes a multi-disciplinary session about operational forecasting for natural hazards at EGU. In this way she bridges the gap between science and practice by bringing those two worlds together.

Ms. Davids focused on both coastal and river systems in her studies of physical geography. She has a solid understanding of the physical processes in hydrological systems and has the capability to look at matters in a wide perspective. She has investigated climatic trends of storminess in western Europe and hurricane activity in the United States during her MSc at Utrecht University and her PhD research at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She also has extensive experience in methodological research into improving a radiometric dating method for sediments: optically stimulated luminescence dating (OSL).

Ms. Davids works as a hydrological forecaster for the Water Management Centre of The Netherlands. As a member of the crisis advisory group she is responsible for monitoring and giving warning for predicted floods or droughts in detail for the Rhine and Meuse systems as well as on a larger scale for river catchments in the majority of Europe for the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS). She has experience in training hydrologists, engineers, water managers and IT specialists in flood forecasting and warning systems in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Thailand and Trinidad & Tobago.