Gijs Hoffmans

Hydraulic Expert on Scour and Erosion

+31(0)88335 7219

As a hydraulic specialist in scour and erosion mechanics Mr. Hoffmans wrote the “Scour Manual” (1997) and “The Influence of Turbulence on Soil Erosion” (2012) and published many scientific publications and many reports, was assigned to dozens of appealing projects.

He presented many lectures, amongst these the Invited Lecture “On the Challenges of Scour Prediction” at the ICSF-1 (College Station) in 2002 and the Invited Lecture “Developments in Scour and Erosion” at the ICSE-6 (Paris) in 2012. He received a medallion from the US Army Corps of Engineers for his contribution in modelling scour and erosion (2004; MoA between RWS and USACE).

Working experience

2008 - Present Deltares Hydraulic Specialist
2000 - 2007 Rijkswaterstaat Project Manager
1996 - 1999 Rijkswaterstaat Project Engineer
1993 - 1995 Deltaland Senior Lecturer
1988 - 1992 TU Delft Research Engineer