Kees Bons

Expert on Integrated Water Resources Management

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Mr. Bons is an experienced environmental hydrologist and manager who can rely on a sound background in hydrology and earth sciences. His research experience in both surface and groundwater hydrology forms a good foundation for the integrated approach to solving water management problems, which has been his key occupation.

He addressed all aspects of water balance and distribution, pollution load estimation and calculation, transport of pollutants through the river system and water quality processes. His key qualifications relate to the analysis of the natural system and its relation with human activities, the translation thereof into mathematical models, the analysis of cause and effect relationships regarding environmental aspects and the set-up and implementation of water management information systems.

Mr. Bons was involved in many projects related to National Water Resources policy development and monitoring, data presentation and analysis. This concerned also the update of monitoring systems for the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Besides his European experience, Mr. Bons has five years experience in the Arid zone (National Water Resources Plan Egypt) in water quality planning and monitoring in addition to several months in Botswana and Saudi Arabia and many years experience in the tropics (Indonesia) regarding integral impact assessment of forestry activities and recently Strategic Planning of the Coastal Defense and Improved Water Sector Planning, Management and Development.

From 2003 and 2007 Mr Bons was the director of the Inland Water Systems Unit of WL | Delft Hydraulics. With the merger into Deltares he became director of the new Scenarios and Policy Analysis Unit focusing on policy development and IWRM. Since 2010 he managed the Unit Subsurface and Groundwater systems. His management experience makes him an effective Project manager with a broad international experience. In 2012 he was appointed as specialist advisor for South East Asia and Deltares’ representative in Indonesia. In 2015 he moved to Delhi as team leader of the Ganga Strategic Planning Project.

Working experience

2008-present Deltares Manager/Expert advisor, IWRM specialist
1991-2007 WL|Delft Hydraulics Researcher/advisor/manager, senior environmental hydrologist
1985-1988 Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research Researcher stationed in West-Java, Indonesia