Luca Sittoni

Consultant at Deltares, Water-Environment-Energy Engineering

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Luca Sittoni is a senior adviser in the Ecosystem and Sediment Dynamics Department at Deltares since 2009 and Program Manager and Management Team member at EcoShape Building with Nature since 2016. Before joining Deltares Luca has worked as civil and hydraulic engineer at Barr Engineering, Minneapolis, MN, USA, obtained a MSc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota and a MSc. in Environmental Engineering at the University of Trento. Luca is an expert in sediment and soft sediments processes and “Building with Mud” (BwM), with applications to dredging and mining industry, nature-based flood protection and building with nature solutions, beneficial sediment use and contaminated sediments remediation. At Deltares Luca leads the soft sediments practice group with oversight of research and knowledge development activities, projects portfolio and clients and stakeholders management. At EcoShape, Luca is responsible for a portfolio of pilot projects that focus on beneficial use and reuse of soft and dredged sediments as a nature-based flood protection or land building material, and for the Living Lab for Mud initiatives.

Luca specializes in developing joint industry projects or multi-parties collaborations, coordination and supervision of technology development and facilitation of knowledge exchange. Further, Luca works closely with Dutch and local Embassies in strategic Countries to enhance business collaboration and technology exchange between each Country and The Netherlands, especially related to water, building with nature and beneficial sediment use.

Luca is heavily involved in international expert organizations such as the Central Dredging Organization (CEDA), PIANC and SedNet. He chaired the CEDA Beneficial Sediment Use working group, and he is current co-chair Europe of the PIANC 2014 Beneficial Sediment Working Group.