Mónica A. Altamirano MSc, PhD

Financial and Institutional Expert



Systems Engineer and Policy Analyst with a strong background in Economics. She has 15 years of experience in four continents and three sectors; education, transport and water. Since 2005 her research concerns cross- national lesson drawing on the provision of public infrastructure services and the role of the private sector herein.  Prior to joining Deltares she worked as Technical Assistant to the Nicaraguan Minister of Education and as scientific researcher for Delft University of Technology (TUDelft). She holds an MSc and a PhD degree in Systems Engineering and Policy Analysis from TUDelft.

From 2005 to 2009 she researched the road procurement strategies of the Netherlands, Finland and Spain and the preceding processes of road reform –liberalization and privatization making use of New Institutional Economics and Engineering Design Theory.  In 2010 she defended her PhD thesis titled: Innovative contracting practices in the road sector: Cross-national lessons in dealing with opportunistic behaviour and joined Deltares as specialist in Public-Private Partnerships.  As PPP specialist she supported the introduction of innovative contracts in the Dutch Water Supply (WWTPs) and Water Management (flood protection projects) sectors by developing decision support tools for value driven procurement for the Dutch PPP Unit PPS Support, the Union of Water Boards and the National Flood Protection Programme.

The focus of her current work is on making the achievement of water security in the face of Climate Change financially feasible for developing countries, with a special interest on promoting the mainstreaming of Nature-Based Solutions as complementary measures to traditional infrastructure solutions. To achieve these goals, she has developed a unique action research approach called the Financing Framework for Water Security. She serves as Financial Expert to the Netherlands DRR Team; is member of the World Economic Forum Future of Construction Steering and Advisory Committee, of the UNECE Team of Specialists in PPP and the OECD-WWC-The Netherlands Water Financing Roundtable.

Key projects within which she lead the Financing Work Packages are: a) Leveraging Private Sector and Climate Finance for Sustainable Development; where under she developed a methodological framework for the analysis of the Water-Energy-Food nexus at different levels, with application in Ethiopia; and analysed the Global Climate Finance Architecture and its potential to bring about transformative change; including a research visit to the Green Climate Fund. b) Nature Insurance value: Assessment and Demonstration (NAIAD, H2020) where she is developing further the Financing Framework for Water Security to accelerate the implementation of hybrid green-grey water security strategies. c)Development of a Master Plan for Sustainable Development of Manila Bay, where she works with a large local team of consultants to develop an evaluation framework and blueprint for the Government of the Philippines (through the Philippines Planning Authority, NEDA) to decide based on impact on 6 focal themes at the catchment level and key implementation constraints (funds, capacity and institutions); on public and private -solicited and unsolicited- investment proposals as well an on a strategy to implement and finance the required no-regret measures.

Working experience

2010 - present Deltares, Policy Analysis unit, Delft, The Netherlands, Specialist in Public Private Partnerships
2014 - 2017 Delft University of Technology, Faculty Technology, Policy and Management Research fellow (part-time)
2005 - 2009 Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft, The Netherlands Scientific researcher
2003 - 2004 Ministry of Education, project financed by IADB Independent consultant
2002 - 2002 Ministry of Education, World Bank Project APRENDE, Nicaragua Technical assistant of the Minister
2001 - 2002 Thomas More University, Consultancy division, Nicaragua Researcher - statistical analyst