Qinghua Ye

Senior advisor/researcher on sediment transport and morphology | Representative of China

+31 88 33 57 919

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Dr. Ye, Qinghua has broad experience in the fields of sediment transport, morphology, and numerical modelling, including physical process-based modelling, numerical methods and corresponding solvers, high performance computing (HPC). He recently worked on projects on Building with Nature, where he developed an integrated tool considering the interaction of wind, surface water, vegetation, wave, sediment transport and groundwater for wetland systems.

He is also one of the developers of the world-leading 3D/2D modelling suite, Delft3D for integral water solutions. His PhD research focused on an integrated geomorphologic model system to study the effect of ecology/biology change on geomorphology in salt marshes and wetlands.

After a MSc degree on coastal engineering and sediment transport, he was employed in the renowned Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, China.  In 2012, Dr Ye completed his PhD in Civil Technology and Geoscience from the Delft University of Technology and UNESCO-IHE.

In addition to numerous technical reports, depicting the results of the various projects involved, Dr Ye has authored and/or co-authored many papers on mentioned subjects at international conferences and in technical journals.

As Representative of China, Dr Ye is responsible for research cooperation, and commercial project development in the region.

Working experience

From 2010- present Deltares (Senior) Advisor/ Researcher, numerical modelling, sediment transport and morphology; Representative of China
2012 Delft University of Technology | UNESCO-IHE PhD Civil Technology and Geoscience from the Delft University of Technology and UNESCO-IHE
From 2001 - 2004 Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, China Engineer, project manager