Rob Uittenbogaard

Hydrodynamics, physics turbulence modelling

+31(0)88335 8181

Dr. Uittenbogaard participates primarily in projects having a high demand on accuracy or on hydrodynamic / physical knowledge or a research perspective. He is researcher / advisor on hydrodynamics, such as geophysical flows, stratified tidal flows, physics of 2D and 3D turbulence, turbulence modelling, internal waves and wave-current interactions.

Apart from handling mathematical-physical aspects in a project, an additional part of his work has been and is the design of over-all plans for some fundamental mathematicalphysical question, study, experiment, reporting and creating applicable solutions or problemsolving strategies. In the past, his work involved long-term research on rock mechanics, surface-wave breaking, turbulence in stably-stratified flows in conjunction with internal waves and wave-current interactions and turbulence-vegetation interactions.

Working experience

2008 - present Deltares Senior Specialist, Strategic Research and Development Group
2002 - present WL | Delft Hydraulics Supervisor Hydrodynamics discipline group