Tony Minns

Expert Advisor, Environmental Hydrodynamics LinkedIn profile

With a background in civil engineering, computational hydraulics and hydrology, Dr Minns has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of hydrology, hydrodynamics, hydraulic engineering and eco-engineering necessary for the analysis and management of complex water systems and the development of sustainable water management practices. He has had many years experience in executing and managing complex, multidisciplinary projects (both in the Netherlands and abroad) to provide expert advice on hydrodynamic and water quality processes; including impact assessments and ecosystem analysis. This often involved applications of integrated modelling systems (in particular Delft3D) to problems in marine, coastal and estuarine systems (including data and monitoring requirements for schematisation, calibration and validation). In addition, he has also had responsibility for the management of strategic research and development programmes related to marine, coastal and riverine environments. During his previous appointments at renowned water research institutes in Netherlands and Australia he has gained tremendous experience in the application of science to support water policy and decision making. He has worked closely with scientists and government agencies to help translate research and modelling studies into policy relevant reports and recommendations. He also provided expert advice to a wide range of private sector and governmental clients related to impact assessments and sustainable water management solutions in deltaic areas in projects in the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States of America.